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A history of magic

An alternative to Binns

A History of Magic - notes from Lumos' HoM night c
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This is a community for the notes from the History of Magic class at Lumos. It was taught by freckles42, who got increasingly silly as the night went on.

Reviews for History of Magic:
"History of Magic... was okay." - slappytanker

"I don't know if the history she created for Durmstrang, Beauxbatons or any of her other European wizarding schools is in any way similar to what Rowling invisioned, but I kind of don't care. She respected the book's style so much it might well have been." - upstart_crow

So there you have it. I endeavoured to make the class as interesting as I could. I gave out and took as many points as I could stand while still actually teaching the class. I got a lot of great questions which I might try to answer here as well.

emmagrant01 taught arithmancy101, so you should go check out her notes, too!
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