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A history of magic
An alternative to Binns
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2nd-Aug-2006 10:46 am - Questions
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
I took a lot of questions during the class.
a samplingCollapse )

So... questions! If you've got them, ask them! If you want me to expand on my short notes here... let me know!

Is anyone interested in me attempting to repost my thoughts on magical primary schools?
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Clytemnestra's School for WitchesCollapse )

RomagioCollapse )

I actually know a lot more than is typed up here. If you've got questions about Romagio or Clytemnestra's, feel free to ask!
2nd-Aug-2006 09:44 am(no subject)
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Hi everyone! I'm glad you've decided to join the notes community for History of Magic. As I implied during my class, there was far more information available than actually presented. I'm breaking my notes up into one school at a time. Feel free to ask questions at any point!

My intro and the a few quick questions about HogwartsCollapse )
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